Wealth Management Strategies for Ohio Families 

For us, it all comes back to family, both in providing for our family now and creating a family legacy that will outlive us for generations to come. If you want this for your family, we can help. 

Families are near and dear to our hearts here at Macro Sky, in fact, that’s the whole reason this company was formed. While managing his family’s investments, our founder was frustrated with the lack of alternative investment options available as well as the unnecessary risk that many brokerage firms were taking by re-hypothecating client assets. 

It became a labor of love to seek out the best investment options with the lowest downside risk. When he began to share these findings with family, friends, and business associates, it became clear that there was a need for a wealth management firm that focused on helping families build wealth and protect their legacy.

What Makes Us Uniquely Qualified to Help Your Family?

When choosing an advisor for your family, you need to know that they care and that they are equipped to help you both now and in the future. Achieving your family’s financial goals should be a priority for both you and your advisor. You can be assured that we care, because we manage our own family’s finances using the same strategies as those that we share with our clients. We differentiate ourselves from main street advisors by offering;

  • Alternative Options: Stocks and Bonds are not the only investment options available to your family. We believe you should be provided investment strategies that best suit your family’s needs. Some alternative investment holdings we help families acquire include but are not limited to; Real Estate, Farmland, Precious Metals, and Royalty Companies. Additionally, if you already own these assets, they should be considered part of your portfolio when making holistic investment decisions. These strategies can help you minimize risk while optimizing growth.
  • Risk Management: We know that choosing the company who holds your family’s investments has its own challenges and risks. We help our clients utilize a third party trust platform that does not rehypothecate (take a loan against) your assets and gives you the freedom to invest how you choose. This can help protect the wealth you have built.
  • Legacy Planning: Your legacy is so much more than the money you leave behind. We believe in helping families proactively plan their legacy; spanning to their children’s children and beyond. We can help ensure that your financial legacy is tax efficient and holistic. This is the most rewarding thing we can do, which is why we take pride in helping you establish your family legacy plan. 

If your family could benefit from one or all of these strategies, take a minute of your time to schedule an initial meeting. This will help you take the first step in planning a legacy that will span decades to come. 

Our Process is Simple

  • Understand: We start by understanding your goals as a family to ensure that any recommendations and strategies that we put together align with your long-term vision. 
  • Review: Next we examine and inventory your current holdings including; investment accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, farmland, business interests, precious metals, collectibles, royalties, insurance policies, and any other asset that impacts your financial portfolio. 
  • Develop: Once we have an understanding of your goals and your current financials, we can start to develop a strategy that addresses your goals, accounts for your current holdings, and fits your risk tolerance. Just like you, we want to see your family thrive now and into the future.
  • Plan: The fourth step is to understand the legacy that you want to build and leave behind. We believe that every family leaves a legacy but it’s up to you to determine what you want that legacy to be, both personally and financially. We will all be remembered for what we lived for as well as what we left behind. 

This journey starts with a conversation, let us help you get started today, simply click here!