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Collection Legacy Planning
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Your Collection

You finish looking at your investment portfolio; some are up, some are down. You shrug your shoulders and move on. You take a look at your collection and you smile. You smile because your collection brings you joy, but beyond that joy, it holds value. The question is, what happens to your collection when you're gone? A recent study found that 81% of collectors plan to leave their collection to the next generation, but only 35% of heirs that will inherit a collection have an interest in it.

Protect Your Legacy

If you have family members that would appreciate and curate your collection while others would prefer to have the financial equivalent of your collection, there are options that could actually allow you to do both. A collection legacy plan is something that can help your family avoid any resentment that can come from certain individuals receiving physical assets over lesser or greater cash equivalents. It can also allow those that share your collecting passion continue the journey you started while still providing financially for your family. 

Why Work with Us?

A UBS study found that 66% of collectors have never discussed their collection with a financial advisor! Whether you collect art, cars, wine, firearms, stamps, coins, currency, comic books, trading cards, precious metals, or more, we can help you;

  • Quantify Your Collection as Part of Your Investment Portfolio
  • Protect Your Collection with Risk Management Strategies
  • Effectively Transfer Your Collection and Protect Your Legacy

Collection Legacy Process

  • Understand
  • Review
  • Plan


We start by simply understanding your goals.



In order to develop a custom strategy, we quantify your collection as part of your overall portfolio.



Your Collection Legacy Plan will allow you to protect and direct your collection. We will help you implement your strategy and provide additional resources along the way.

  • Alternative Strategies

    Very few, if any, financial advisors will factor in your collection when determining your asset allocation. This is no fault of their own, but a broader lack of information on collectibles and alternative investments. We take a proactive approach with collectors to ensure that your investment strategy factors in your collection value. 

  • Risk Management

    Whether you choose to insure your collection with an insurance company or self-insure, you need to know the value. Location also becomes a factor with irreplaceable items, specifically storing collectibles in different locations to protect from a total loss. A solid risk management strategy can help ensure your legacy lives on.

  • Legacy Plan

    Many collectors are not properly prepared for the inevitable transfer of their collection. A custom collection legacy plan will give you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that your family will be taken care of and your collection will be cared for and curated through future generations.

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