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Protect Your Clients' Wealth & Increase Your AUM

Between fielding phone calls regarding social security taxation and E-mails about contribution limits, it's hard to find the time to design and manage equity and bond portfolios, let alone alternative investments. Macro Sky provides the resources needed for you to manage alternative portfolios in house, bringing value to your clients and reducing the possibility of losing assets to an outside money manager.

Alternative Strategies

Ultra High Net Worth Investors ($30M+) choose to diversify nearly half of their total portfolio, on average, with Alternative Investments. Average investors should have access to these same alternative strategies. We believe a blend of traditional and alternative investment strategies builds a foundation that can help your clients' weather most any storm.

How Ultra High Net Worth Individuals Invest (and You Can Too)

Why Alternatives & Why Now?

According to a recent Goldman Sachs article, stocks are trading in the top decile historically. In addition to overvalued stocks, we are experiencing the lowest bond yields in history. This puts advisors and investors in a predicament if they are simply using traditional stock/bond portfolios; take on more equity risk to replace portfolio income or lower performance expectations. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

Our Process

  • Understand Your Practice
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Develop a Strategy
  • Work Together


We start by learning about your practice and understanding your goals to ensure that any strategies we recommend align with your long-term vision.



Next, we identify opportunities within your firm to utilize alternative investment strategies alongside your traditional portfolios.



Once we understand your goals and identify opportunity, we will develop a strategy that can help you protect your clients' wealth and grow your assets under management.



With the strategy in place, we will continue to help you protect and grow your client base through model portfolios, market updates, rebalancing strategies, and additional resources you may need.

  • Diversification

    Stocks and Bonds are not the only investment options available to you and your clients. We believe all investors should have access to investment strategies that best suit their unique needs.

  • Risk Management

    No one wants to take unnecessary risks. Proactively diversifying client portfolios can help reduce the potential friction within client relationships over time, helping you retain and grow AUM.

  • Compliance

    Macro Sky utilizes publicly traded alternative investments, regulated by the SEC and overseen by the PCAOB. This gives any client the ability and confidence to diversify their portfolio with alternative strategies.

News & Insights

Every RIA will need an Alternative Investment Advisor

High equity valuations resulting in declining stock prices, high inflation, and low bond yields. This puts advisors in a predicament if they are simply using a traditional stock/bond portfolio for their clients; take on more equity risk to replace portfolio income or lower their clients’ performance expectations. Due to a raging bull market over the past decade, advisors have not had to spend time in alternative investment markets. The times are changing, but is your RIA ready?

Think FAANG 2.0 says Merrill Lynch: Fuel, Aerospace, Agriculture, Nuclear, Gold/Metals

In a recent capital market outlook, Merrill Lynch said “Real assets and Alternative Investments, for qualified investors, continue to look like attractive options to help mitigate rolling volatility and escalating geopolitical tensions.” They go on to talk about current geopolitical risks and the market outlook for the foreseeable future. As far as we can tell, they have coined the term “FAANG 2.0”. Let’s take a closer look at this acronym and what it means for investors.

Should Tesla (TSLA) be Considered an Energy Stock?

Tesla stock has rocketed to the moon (maybe even Mars) over the past 5 years. The real question is, what is driving this stock price? It can’t simply be electric vehicle production, because both Ford and GM do that as well. Is it technology? Is it energy storage? Is it battery technology? One could argue that it is a combination of all of these. Let’s take a look at what Tesla actually does and will do, to better understand this company.