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Your situation is unique, which is why we tailor your financial plan to meet your needs, utilizing strategies the wealthiest families in America have used for decades, to help you build and protect your legacy.

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Protect Your Legacy

You've worked hard to get where you are; you shouldn't have to take unnecessary risks to preserve and grow your wealth. We can help you protect your legacy with strategic financial planning and risk management solutions.

"The Biggest Threat to Your Wealth (Your Advisor Likely Hasn't Told You About)"

Our Process

  • Understand Your Goals
  • Review Your Holdings
  • Develop a Strategy
  • Plan Your Legacy


We start by understanding your goals to ensure that any recommendations and strategies that we put together align with your long-term vision.



Next, we examine and inventory your current holdings including; investment accounts, retirement accounts, real estate, farmland, business interests, precious metals, collectibles, royalties, insurance policies, and any other asset that impacts your financial portfolio.



Once we have an understanding of your goals and current holdings, we can start to develop a strategy that addresses your goals, diversifies your portfolio, minimizes your risks, and ultimately helps you build & protect your legacy.



The fourth step is to help you plan the legacy that you want to leave behind. We believe that everyone leaves a legacy, but it’s up to you to determine what that legacy will be both personally and financially.

Why Macro Sky?

We differentiate ourselves from mainstreet advisors through;

  • Alternative Options
  • Risk Management
  • Legacy Planning
  • Alternative Options

    Stocks and Bonds are not the only investment options available to you. We believe you should be provided investment strategies that best suit your needs.

  • Risk Management

    No one wants to take unnecessary risks. We help our clients minimize their risks while optimizing growth by utilizing strategic risk management solutions.

  • Legacy Planning

    We believe in proactive legacy planning; spanning to your children's children and beyond. We will help ensure that your financial legacy is tax efficient and holistic.

News & Insights

How to Protect Against Inflation

Inflation threatens both your purchasing power and long term wealth accumulation. What if your net worth is tied up in your business or your 401(k) and other retirement accounts, but you want to be sure that you are hedging against inflation? This post is meant to be a practical application piece that will allow you to take steps today towards protecting your investment portfolio from inflation.

Oil & Gas Royalty Companies

Your great grandfather passed down mineral rights through the generations and now you receive a monthly check from the oil or gas company; a portion of everything they pull from the ground before expenses. This is known as a royalty and this is how the majority of oil and gas royalties are owned; privately and generationally.

October 2021 Market Update YTD: Real Estate, Farmland, & Gold

We are continuing to see growth in sectors beyond stocks, including real estate, farmland, and even gold showed slight growth over the past month. Similar to last month, many people are asking how high the stock market can go as well as how long the Fed can keep rates so low.