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Your Legacy

The wealthiest families in America have utilized private wealth management strategies for decades to preserve and grow their fortunes. We can help you use these same alternative strategies to plan, protect, and direct your financial legacy.

Alternative Strategies

Fine Art and Ferraris are not the only assets Ultra High Net Worth Investors seek out. Based on a joint study by Deloitte and Credit Suisse, the average UHNW Investor chose to diversify their holdings across 8+ asset classes. Studies like this coupled with the diversification needs of average investors lead us to develop our alternative strategies.

How Ultra High Net Worth Individuals Invest (and You Can Too)

Why Now?

According to a recent Goldman Sachs article, stocks are trading in the top decile historically. In addition to overvalued stocks, we are experiencing the lowest bond yields in history. This puts investors in a predicament if they are simply using traditional stock/bond portfolios; take on more equity risk to replace portfolio income or lower performance expectations. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

Our Process

  • Understand
  • Analyze
  • Develop
  • Plan


We start by learning about you and understanding your goals to ensure that any strategies we recommend align with your long-term vision.



Next, we take a macro view of your financial holdings in order to make the best recommendation, custom tailored to you.



Once we understand your goals and identify opportunities, we will develop a strategy that can help you protect and direct your wealth.



With the plan in place, we will help you implement your strategy, work with your other trusted advisors, and provide additional resources along the way.

  • Alternative Strategies

    Stocks and Bonds are not the only investment options available to you. We believe you should have access to investment strategies that best suit your unique needs.

  • Risk Management

    No one wants to take unnecessary risks. Proactively developing a risk management plan can help you reduce your overall financial risk while optimizing returns over time.

  • Legacy Plan

    What will your legacy be? We can help you plan, protect, and direct your financial legacy. Your personal legacy plan will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

News & Insights

Multi-Generational Wealth Management: Vanderbilts vs. Rockefellers

Names like Vanderbilt and Rockefeller cause many people to think of the vast fortunes both patriarchs amassed during their lifetimes. To the average American family, that wealth represents freedom for future generations. The value of your children and their children having access to capital to pursue virtuous endeavors like going to college, starting a family, and starting a business is immeasurable. This article will explore how you can plan a legacy that does just that.

Every RIA will need an Alternative Investment Advisor

High equity valuations resulting in declining stock prices, high inflation, and low bond yields. This puts advisors in a predicament if they are simply using a traditional stock/bond portfolio for their clients; take on more equity risk to replace portfolio income or lower their clients’ performance expectations. Due to a raging bull market over the past decade, advisors have not had to spend time in alternative investment markets. The times are changing, but is your RIA ready?

Think FAANG 2.0 says Merrill Lynch: Fuel, Aerospace, Agriculture, Nuclear, Gold/Metals

In a recent capital market outlook, Merrill Lynch said “Real assets and Alternative Investments, for qualified investors, continue to look like attractive options to help mitigate rolling volatility and escalating geopolitical tensions.” They go on to talk about current geopolitical risks and the market outlook for the foreseeable future. As far as we can tell, they have coined the term “FAANG 2.0”. Let’s take a closer look at this acronym and what it means for investors.